PowerSearcher for eBay 2.3.10


This free extension provides additional eBay filtering in a web browser.

When searching for items you might remove these from your searched items:

  • Auction items without any bid.
  • Items sold by seller without any feedback or low rating.
  • Too many items published by the same seller in a row.
  • Excessive delivery shipping fees.
  • Sponsored objects (buy it now only).
  • Custom dismissed objects list.
  • Custom dismissed sellers list.

Within displayed items you might display:
  • Price with shipping cost included.



  • Install the extension in Chrome
  • Open your eBay page and type your search. An additional panel is added on the left side to your eBay search screen in order to set filters on or off within.
  • Click on PowerSearcher icon to further configure the extension.


  • You must be logged for the extension to work properly.
  • Filtering is disabled when searching in sold or complete items.
  • The current search page might be empty but the next page might contain relevant objects.
  • Extension only works in 'list' mode, not in 'gallery' mode.

Other Applications

my other applications:

  • PowerSniper last second eBay automatic bidding in your Chrome browser.
  • PowerBuyer buy bot for Amazon, running in your Chrome browser.
  • No Marketplace removes marketplace offers from online merchants websites like Amazon.
  • Mongomix browse and edit MongoDB databases made easy.